Our Story

Amigo App Systems provides businesses and brands with premium quality,
tailor-made app solutions that utilise our proprietary dynamic suite. With production
only on local shores, Amigo is a 100% Australian based B2B application development company.

We are constantly embracing customer engagement and interaction. Delivering quality service, personalized features, and excellent client support.

Amigo was born to serve as a value solution to the application world for businesses and brands. We want to be your one stop provider of high-end development and management, without the crippling price tag.

We have created our own suite using native iOS and Android technologies (we don't do web apps). Why is it a suite? We ship all our systems with a backend CMS so you can achieve what you need efficiently and effectively. Gone are the days where a static app is enough. You need to drive your users with stimulating real time content and engage on a 1:1 level.

Our top priority is our client relationships, and focus on working alongside you to achieve your return on investment. Amigo will add value to any business or brand.
We see seamless relationships through a well-integrated native system.